LONDON, UK / 11.2012

道を歩いていて、「free flowers」とかかれた箱と花たちがあったら、どうするでしょう。無視するか、写メをとるか 誰かにあげるか はたまた?

As you walk around somewhere, you might realize there is a box which has some flowers for free. What would you do for it then? Get it for your own or someone / Ignore / Take a photo and so on... What I would like to see was how people reacted for an unexpected situation. We all are living in this world with planning something by own self though, often it is changed by something other: from friend's appearance to big disaster or crime. How big it could be? How could it affect one's life? Therefore I collected flowers and put them in Covent Garden where was a vibrant place that lots of people came over. This is an experiment for taking a documentary photo. I hope this record means "A day in life of him/her/them and a part of London.